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Non-governmental organization Sve ostalo je glazba (The Rest is Music) was founded in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2012 by pianist Ivana Jelača, its conceptual creator and artistic director, guitarist Damjan Bučić and theatre director Frana Marija Vranković. The mission of The Rest is Music organization is popularization of performing arts with special accent on classical music and its importance in education and social environment. We attempt to achieve our mission by organizing scenic patchworks, musical performances, educational music-theatre performances and workshops with SOG approach to listening concerts. Our goal is to show the value of classical music in modern stage expression. In this way, we promote the universal values ​​of classical music, preserve the rich cultural heritage and emphasize the important role of Music in education and social enviroment.

Instead of sitting two hours in a concert hall with a concert booklet in a hand or listening to „crossover“genre, spectators can learn about compositors and compositions that are played during the performance. Instrumentalists are not merely playing their instruments but take active part in the performance as well. Compositors and musicians from the past are brought to life on the stage in historical event context.

First project entitled Mozart.Scarlatti.Bach.Weiss was performed in September 2012 in Dubrovnik, and then in December of the same year in Zagreb. Since 2013 SOG projects are regularly included in the Program of the public cultural needs of the City of Dubrovnik.

In 2013 within the cycle Romanticism we performed the premiere of the collage Schubertiade and in cooperation with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra collage Love triangle, which was focused on the musical and personal relations between Robert and Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms. In May 2013 we made a tour in Austria (Großwarasdorf), which was organized by the local KUGA association. For Europe Day 2013 at the European House in Dubrovnik we performed program entitled Croatian artists on the European path. SOG participated on the promotion of the annual publications of the Croatian Academy of Arts and Sciences with the program The world of Jelena Pucic Sorgo. In July 2013, we were hosted on island Lastovo with the program Mozart.Bach.Scarlatti.Weiss. In September 2013 we performed the premiere of the project Weltschmerz that combined fine arts, music and and literature in the Rector's Palace in Dubrovnik.

The year 2014 SOG organization began with the project Bach and Sons, which was realized in cooperation with the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, followed by performances of educational collage M.S.B.W. organized by Musical Youth in Split.

Project The other side of History, which was first performed as part of the International Museum Day and European Night of Museums in May 2014, deals with the cultural and historical events of the second half of the 18th Century and brings music of Dubrovnik and Viennese composers performed on historical instrument; fortepiano of viennese piano builder Anton Walter, dated from 1790. With specialized costumed performance, this project revives not only the time of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn and Luka Sorkočević, but also highlightes the value and wealth of Croatian tangible and intangible cultural heritage, bringing Dubrovnik community in the context of European musical capitals of the time, such as Vienna and Habsburg Monarchy. This project is created in collaboration with the Dubrovnik Museums and is also preformed under the title The Rector's Concert as program of cultural tourism.

The project Other side of History was presented abroad, thanks to the successful cooperation with the Croatian-Austrian association of Dubrovnik. Cooperation was launched in September 2014, and resulted with the performance entitled Fortepiano connects us-Dubrovnik visiting Vienna, which was held at the Croatian Embassy in Vienna in October 2016.

In August 2014, SOG organization has premiered performances of the project Garden of Music ,which was created in collaboration with the Foundation Caboga Stiftung. The main topics of this project is the arhitecture and historical importance of the Villa Bunić-Kaboga in Batahovina (Dubrovnik area). The project was sucessfully continued in 2015 with the musical patchwork triptych: Trio on the terrace,Dubrovnik salon, In Mr. Kaboga's drawing room. In August 2016, the project is continued with the program Renaissance Garden, which was rated as high-quality from critics and audiences.

In 2016, the SOG organization also established cooperation with the Dubrovnik Summer Festival within the program of the Museum Night 2016 that took place in the Festival Palace. In March 2016 SOG organization continued its annual program in cooperation with the Alliance Francaise Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik Art Gallery, which was performed in July 2016 on the island Lastovo as hommáge to croatian famous maestro Ivo Dražinić.

On our repertoire we currently have three scenic patchworks: Mozart-Bach-Scarlatti-Weiss, The other Side of History, The Garden of Music.

The educational cycle for the Youth, which is called Gioachino's cuisine and shows musical skills and creativity in musical education through the stories of the famous opera composer Gioachino Rossini, who was a talented cook too, is continually performed since 2013 in partnership with the Luka Sorkočević Art School and is implemented with the Program of public educational system of Dubrovnik and Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

All the projects are performed both in Croatian and in English.

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Our Repertoire

scenic patchworks

Mozart - Bach - Scarlatti - Weiss
since 2012

Our very first performace took place on September 15th 2012.

The Mozart balls
since 2013                     

Gioacchino's Cookbook educational cycle started in 2013. 

A Schubertiade        
since 2014           

Who was Franz Schubert? What were Schubertiades? We explored there questions in 2014.

A Love Triangle                          

Relationship between Clara Schumann, Roberta Schumanna and Johaness Brahms was our inspiration for a collaboration with DSO.

since 2013

What is the connection between art, literature and music in German Romanticism is what were interested in while creating this patchowrk.

since 2013

We created scenic patchworks for  European week in Dubrovnik (2013),  Book presentations of Croatian Academy of Science and Arts (2013), The Night of Museums (2014, 2015), International Day of Francophonie (2016) etc.                                         

Bach & Sons

Our second collaboration with DSO.

The Other Side of History  
since 2014

Concert on pianoforte in Dubrovnik Rector's Palace music room.

The Gardn of Music Cycle
since 2014

This cycle consists of scenics pathchworks The Garden of Music (2014),  Triptych (2015) and The Renaissance Garden (2016).

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