The Nation’s Highest capacity Automotive Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Cultivation Base

Out is worth mentioning that most Huayang than any tiny in the field created by car navigation more goal on securityrelated technology lookup and development, such beeing the country’s first anticollision entire body das belongs to the most important accident prevention and associated with use driving assistance systems, that would dangerous driving the preventative measure of timely audible along with visual alarm with front collision warning, lane travel warning, the car clear of the monitoring of 5 major functions of there’s violence and after the motor rearend collision warning, wreck records, various types connected with car accidents can try to be reduced effectively From income team, to the search cooperation to the special area of research, for the combination of scientific find out and human consideration, Huayang mode of independent primeur in the industry hard to follow.

As a result, Huayang a matter of tutorials become a domestic originator in car navigation retailers to create a regarding industry stateoftheart vehicle selection products. “Zero defect upkeep objectives is an noteworthy guarantee for high the most important Huayang product market investment. electronics manufacturing . Zou Ganrong has repeatedly stressed in which it “Quality is the lifetime of Huayang We will not considered tolerate any of all of my products into the market place.” It is in the quality policy pointing to “Quality is the efficiency, quality of life”, Huayang established a “zero defect” quality management objectives good quality zero to , buyers satisfaction, from materials that will production and strict the level of quality control, adhere to the key of “three noes” Declined materials will never amount into the production line; two, failed semifinished gadgets is by no signifies into the next process; substandard finished product by no means out of the catalogue.

So that the cream quality assurance and be in charge of. The Huayang practice grabbed, strict quality cope with five off from huge number of consumers is most concerned about top issues A strict beneficial quality. Car audio is installed in the car, relative to the everyday consumer Electronic Manufacturings building up a tolerance is higher, more demanding; Second, strict procurement going. The core components of the car player, relying on and Shinwa, Hitachi and other justly famed enterprises to establish a powerful working relationship, directly from all of these corporations’ purchasing, and almost every other Electronic Manufacturing components so as to tender, shop around, most loved to buy; Third, rigid production off smt patch, qc in, qa or production of each procedure, strict control; Fourth, hardline checks.

In order to further improve the level of all detection, the insurer spent million to buy a large regarding advanced detection equipment, car DVD devices clarity and first class sound detection more, which is not often in the loc industry. Department relating to Quality Control process, performance and former aspects of its comprehensive testing just about every product from, by let poor value manufactured products; Guan, strict factory. Is offering the last only one mark, where high problems, even the least problem will be permitted to the factory, the problem is always nipped in some bud, and you should never allow unqualified products and solutions factory, can and never let substandard software packages to the market, so greatly make sure the product superiority.